You are about to start a fascinating adventure

This adventure is a journey. A journey into your future with some expeditions into your past. You might learn who you really are, how you became like you are, to redefine yourself and where to find the courage and other neccesary ressources, to bring your new ME to life.

My job is to be your travelguide. You decide yourself what to do, where to go and with whom to be with. I can only show you HOW to make your way. But it is Yours and will always be.

I can help you defining your goals, I can teach you to see the past as it is: learning a lession, not your faith. I can help you to free yourself from people that are not good for you and find new travel mates that help you to passionately live your own life. Encouraged, selfdefined and joyful.

On the next pages, I would like to show you how I can fulfill my obligations as your travelguide.

getting started - explains you what to do before you start your lasting changes.

solution space - provides you with ressources that strenghten you to follow your path.

away days - present you a unique concept to take control and to really start doing instead of just thinking.